Purty New Dress, and also Crappy Junk

Woo-ha! It's Thursday! And normally Thursdays aren't that great, but today is the Thursday before a long weekend. Woo-ha, indeed.

I've yammered on enough about my yard sale, I know. But I'm optomistic about it. We have managed to corral some pretty choice crap among the four of us (me, Seth, Steph, and Niki) and our junk-hoarding families. Atomic clock? $4. Sanrio lunchbox (discontinued character)? $5. Old Tootsie-esque suits from my Mom's Working Girl days? $1. Add up lots of those Tootsie costumes and combine them with lots of placemats and little jewelry boxes and Tony Toni Toné! tapes, and you just might get yourself a little pile of cash.


This morning I managed to avert a very serious dress crisis. I tried on a dress at the Banana Republic in Savannah (yeah, I know, we went to Banana Republic on our vacation. We suck), and I loved it. The picture really doesn't do it justice. Also, I am quite a bit chunkier than the half-headless girl in the picture, but that's beside the point. The problem? It was $98, and I just couldn't commit that much to a dress. Not a red-floral one, anyway.

Yesterday, I think sometime during my lunch break, the dress went on sale. This morning, after much making sure that rent checks had cleared and whatnot, my husband and I agreed that I should have the dress. It was marked down to half price. Problem #2? The dress had already sold out in Medium. (In fact, now all they have left is XS and XL.) So I called a couple Banana Republic stores in town and I found the dress.

Jesus almighty, that's pretty boring. But, my coworkers found it quite funny. They think of me as some little girly princess (which is pretty funny if you really know me), mostly because I paint my toenails and wear mascara. Oooh, she's calling stores to find a dress. How frivolous! Here's how much of a dork I am--I'm picking up the dress after work and wearing it tonight. I have to wear new stuff the minute I get it, all back-to-school style.


Tonight, we're going to Uptown Mix, where the Jayhawks are playing. Cool. It was between that and the Violent Femmes at Dancin' in the District. I still don't know if I made the right choice, except that Uptown Mix is 21 and up, so there will be no fourteen year-olds in tube tops and booty pants. Beforehand, we will eat fajitas and drink beer. Afterward, we will do last-minute yard-sale stuff.

Tomorrow, at the Godforsaken hour of 7:00 am, we will start the ol' yard sale. We will probably pass in and out of sleep. I hope we don't fall asleep and get robbed. When we're fully woken up, we will begin the 4th of July festivities, including the consumption of beverages and the grilling of meats and vegetables.


Here is a list of random crap you could buy if you came to our yard sale:

-Fresh squash and green beans from Niki's Dad's immense garden

-A Laser Tag lunchbox

-Bible Trivia! (mint in the box, I might add)

-my old soccer cleats

-a wicker basket in the shape of a duck (put your stuff in the duck's back!) with a pine cone tied around its neck

-my old high-school copy of East of Eden (the book that brought back Oprah's book club!!!1), which I've always thought was quite ham-handed and overdone, but hey, Oprah likes it, so I'm charging $2 for it.

Thank God I have tomorrow off, as I am clearly out of anything interesting to write. Until Monday!

emiloo at 2:11 p.m.