A Trivial Pursuit

Well, I learned a lot at trivia last night. Mostly I learned that I am kind of stupid. Really, I think the questions from last night were just not for us (there is a certain amount of luck involved, I'm sure). It seems that every round of trivia must involve at least two boxing questions, one question about Sean Connery, and some mention of the Crimean War. I always forget the damned Crimean War. Anyway, the food was good, and the company (Seth, Steph, Niki, Brandon, Frank, Jen, and Nicole) was hilarious. We may not be smart, but we are funny. One night, about a year and a half ago, Seth and I took first place in trivia. Just the two of us. Everyone else at the pub treated us like we were celebrities or something. I have tasted victory, and by God, I want more of it. Except that we are becoming dumber by the minute, it seems.

Somehow, it is Thursday already. Okay, whatever. The Nashville free thing to do on summer Thursdays is to go to Dancin' in the District. Or, more appropriately this year, Sweating in the Parking Lot. The event has been moved into the lovely parking area of the Coliseum (football stadium). This week, in addition to some crappy bands, they're also featuring the NHL draft prospects. What? And also, why? Nothing says rock and roll like almost-professional hockey players? I think we'll just go to the gym and then driving around, pointlessly coveting other people's houses.

Sorry guys, I got nothin'. There's really nothing funny or interesting about today. Perhaps tonight will bring strange and exciting adventures filled with drunk people and monkeys. Then I'll have something to entertain you with tomorrow.

emiloo at 10:31 a.m.