It's as if I'm TRYING to bore you!

Well, hello there. I'm going to post more fun crazy Virtual Reference nonsense, even though I am quite possibly the only one in the world who is entertained by it. From yesterday:

Chat Session Transcript with making salsa

Librarian 1: Hi there. May I help you?

Librarian 1: Is there something I can help you with?

Patron: making salsa of different choices

Librarian 1: Okay, I can send you a link to some different salsa recipes. Would that work?

Patron: yes like making different kinds

I'll have you know that our library has at least 20 books just about salsas, but that's beside the point. It's so sad that this was the giggly high point of my day yesterday. That and my "friend" Angela. It's okay; you can feel sorry for me.


So. Tonight, I had planned to go to the Movie in the Park, which is free and also very cool. They project a movie, drive-in style, onto the big band-shell at the park. Everyone brings blankets and food and just hangs out. This week's feature is Monsters, Inc. Except that, hi, it will never stop raining. We haven't had three non-rainy days in a row in almost three weeks. That's enough, thanks.

Anyway, since it's raining, instead of hanging out in glorious nature for free, we'll probably drive 30 minutes to Lebanon, Tennessee to sit in the dark, very un-naturely Lady Godiva Pub for some pub trivia, fatty food, and beer. See, the rain makes me poor and fat (much like the café downstairs). I do love the pub trivia, though. I will spend $30 on fish and chips and cider to win a free beer coozie. Last time I won a Rolling Rock mitten. Yay? But I often also win vouchers for free food and drinks, which usually pays for most of my gluttony. It's a beautiful, fatty circle.


I'm currently in the middle of reading Cold Mountain, the book I chose from Amblus's book challenge. I love it so far, but I'm sorry to say that on Saturday morning, when my long-awaited Harry Potter book arrives, I will have to put the Mountain aside for some geeky wizard funtime. When I got home from the gym yesterday, there was a package (everyone: ha, package!) in my doorway. For just a moment, I thought that, despite CIA-like security and crazy penalties for any blackmarket copies found, somehow I had gotten my copy early. There was some mistake at the post office or something, and I got some stray book. In a somewhat large box. From Office Max? Alas, it was a toner cartridge. I am such a tool.


I guess that's all until tomorrow. In the meantime brush up on your Pub Triva.

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