"Her boredom is exquisite and excessive"

Today my thoughts are with my oldest and dearest friend, Stephanie. She's at her grandmother's funeral, and I know it's hard on her. Monday night over dinner, she told us all about her mom's side of the family and how they all have at least two names. Everyone's favorite two-named relative was her aunt Frankie Faye. So, Steph's out in the metropolis of Hartsville, TN, with Frankie Faye and Wanda Sue and company, and I hope she's doing okay.

In Emily-world, it's quite a slow news day. I had several weird exchanges while working virtual reference today (remember, I'm the librarian of the future. Arrgh. Or a pirate, it seems). One went something like this (actually, it went exactly like this, because I'm lazy and will just copy and paste the transcript):

Patron: Chat Session Transcript with Angela: Is cursing ever in these chat rooms if so I don't want to be in there.

Librarian 1: Hi, Angela.

Librarian 1: This is not an open "chat room" actually; it's just a chat between you and the librarian. Since the librarians do not typically curse (not at work, anyway), you don't have to worry about profanity.

Patron: Hello this your friend Angela

Patron: good

Librarian 1: Did you have any other questions I can help you with?

Librarian 1: Angela, was there anything else you had a question about?

And you can see how that went. If we didn't record the transcripts, I would have responded to her question with "Are you SCARED, MOTHERFUCKER?" Or not. The zany day in the life of the library worker. I also like how she told me she was my friend.


So, if you're as bored as I am right now (and I really doubt that's possible), here's some crap for you to look at:

-Take the Geek Test recommended by the fabulous Amblus. I totally kicked her ass with my geekiness. I am officially 30.76923% Geek. I think my wacky library job gave me an advantage.

-Buy some nasty-ass Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. I'm as excited as the next geek about the new Harry Potter book (it's coming to my house on Saturday morning! CaNnOt WaIt! EeeEeEe!), but ugh. (Link courtesy of The Drudge Report).

-Look at Tara Reid in all her skanky glory. You can never get enough Tara!

-Read about the plague-like overabundance of Tara-like B-list stars in this month's Radar Magazine.

That's all for today. Sorry I'm so boring.

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