Would You Believe, More Catfish?

And here we are again. It seems like it's always Monday.

To recap the weekend, Friday involved watching a rental DVD (Catch Me if You Can, which didn't change my life or anything, but was entertaining enough to keep me from nodding off). Saturday was the wedding in Coopertown, TN. Let's talk about that for a bit. The wedding was in a chapel. Evidently, in Coopertown, "chapel" means "barn." That was okay, though; the chapel was supposed to have a "country" feel to it or whatever. Inside the big wooden chapel were various "country," kitschy things, the most amusing of which was--at the very front of the chapel, sitting on a shelf-like beam and facing out towards where the guests were seated--a giant stuffed owl. I don't know. Seth made some comment about the temple of the owl, and we alternately stared at the owl and tried to avoid its creepy owl eyes.

This was the bride's fourth wedding. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Songs played during the cermony included the Judds' "Love Can Build a Bridge." Yes. The most amusing part was the preacher, who was quite possibly drunk and most definitely an idiot. He couldn't pronounce anything very well--he said "awfully wedded" (instead of "lawfully") twice, and I'm quite sure he didn't see the irony in that. He also made the mistake of reading the part he was supposed to have the bride repeat. So after he mumbled "I thee wed," he looked a little bit puzzled, then tapped the bride on the arm and said, "Now you say that, what I just said." Seriously, how are you supposed to sit there and not laugh?

Seth's favorite part of the event was after the cermony itself, when the Goofiest Preacher Ever returned to the little pulpit-area to tell everyone, "Uh, I'm supposed to tell y'all that, uh, they're takin' pictures outside, so if anybody needs to smoke, go out this back door over here." That was quite helpful, as was an usher's announcement before the wedding: "Can I have everybody's attention? If I could get you all to turn off all your cell phones and beepers, we'll get started in a minute." Lovely.

The rest of the weekend included finding a lawn mower for Seth's dad (a Snapper!); finishing The Secret History (so wonderful); a Father's Day cookout at Seth's parents'; seeing a band; being hungover; and dinner with Stephanie, Niki, and Brandon. After dinner, we all went to look for catfish statues. Aww, catfish are funny. We are copying the Chicago Cows. Click here for the amusing slideshow. Catfish seem to be a dominant theme in my diary lately. I apologize for that.

This is one of my favorite catfish, in honor of Dolly Parton. Only in Nashville, people.

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