You May Laugh Now...

Ah, Friday. God bless it. Longest. Week. EVER.

Before I forget: yesterday, while I was having lunch with my high-school AP English teacher in the café downstairs, a crazy Jesus truck kept driving by the front of the library. Let me explain. Picture an older, quite beat-up white truck. Got it? Okay, now picture, painted in bright primary colors, phrases all over the truck. Mostly Bible verses, but also things like "YOU MAY LAUGH NOW BUT LATER IT WIL KIL YOU" and "REPENT BEFOR ITS TO LATE." Got that? Good. Now, for the final touch, picture, along the edges of the truck's cab and bed, biblical figurines (!), glued in upright positions. Little G.I.Joe-sized wise men, shephards, plastic Jesuses at various ages and important Jesus-moments, something that looked like the Incredible Hulk, all lined up around the edge of the bed of the truck like they were about to jump into some giant, creepy swimming pool. I could haved killed myself for not having my camera with me.


This weekend's plans include going to the wedding of one of my husband's employees. The wedding will be about twenty miles past the middle of nowhere, so that should be fun. Haw, I love how the thing they decided best represented their town was a police car. I think I'll move there.

Other plans include going to see a very cool band that plays this weird, lovely, lounge-y, Bacharach kind of music. Also, pretending to be out of town on Father's Day.


Dinner at the Mad Platter last night was great, except for the fact that it took a full THREE HOURS. Seriously. That was a little ridiculous, but Mom had a good time, and everything was deeeelicious. For people like me who have a weird desire to read about food all the time: I had some sort of black bean soup, caesar salad with grilled asparagus and mushrooms, crawfish cake, and pork loin with lime-fruit chutney and a grits-cake thing, and tiramisu. Mom had raspberry puree soup with watermelon sorbet in it, a baby greens salad with jicama and apples, wild mushroom ravioli with red pepper coulis, rack of lamb, and the "chocolate Elvis" dessert. Mary Ruth had the Pasta Mad Platter with a saute of chorizo sausage, artichokes, sun-Dried tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, onions, garlic, olive oil and fresh herbs over linguine with montrachet cheese (I totally copied and pasted that part). Mmmm. Food.


And, in the spirit of the hellfire and brimstone truck, here are some Jesus figurines from Catholic Supply.

Hi-ya! Jesus is kung-fu fighting:

Can Jesus bend it like Beckham?

And, finally, Jesus doesn't really look too excited about rollerblading or biking. In fact, it looks like those kids are getting on his last nerve.

That's all for today. Have a great weekend, and see you in the fiery pits of hell!

emiloo at 8:29 a.m.