It sure is Monday

Monday, Monday. I had a rather nice weekend. It seems that half of the general population has its birthday right about now, so most of my weekend was spent in one birthday get-together or another. Seth's brother's birthday is today, as is my sister's (the "middle one"), so we had his brother's shin-dig on Saturday night (dinner and kerrazy bowling at Jillian's) and Laura's yesterday (dinner at my parents' house). Tonight, we're going back out to dinner for Adam's birthday, part II. It seems Seth's mom felt slighted that she wasn't asked along for Drink and Bowl night, but she wants to take everyone out to dinner. It's Adam's thirtieth birthday, so I certainly don't mind making a bit of a to-do about it. Also, dinner that I don't have to cook.

Did I mention that my mom's birthday is next week, my friend Nicole's birthday was yesterday, Kevski's is in two days, and Father's Day (ugh) is in two weeks? June is a damned expensive month. At least we don't have five weddings to attend this summer, like we have the past two years.


Other things I did this weekend included: returning some stuff to TJMaxx, seeing Down With Love with my sister-in-law, cleaning like a maniac because we had an unexpected (but very welcome) houseguest, and finally planting the g-darn flowers. They look nice.

One thing I didn't get to do much of was sleep. My husband is still sick, so he's been coughing a lot at night. On Saturday morning, he woke me up with a sneeze so violent it sounded as though someone were stabbing him to death right there beside me in the bed. I actually screamed alound when it woke me up. Last night, he was having some cough-syrup-induced nightmare that was making him mumble a lot. From his mumblings, I gathered that his dream was either about something very disturbing or about getting some good action. He emailed me this morning:

And I had some crazy dreams, the most vivid one involving you being hunted by Predator and me having to protect you. I'll have you know that it never got you, in case you were wondering.

I thanked him from protecting me from this Predator fellow, although I must admit I have never seen any of those movies, so I cannot fully appreciate Seth's heroic acts.


I guess that's it for today. Mondays are so exciting.

emiloo at 11:03 a.m.