I say "ass" too much

I briskly walked about four miles yesterday. While I felt all granny-esque, like I should be wearing a fanny-pack and some Reebok high-tops, it was quite good exercise. I just couldn't force myself to go inside the gym with the weather that perfect. Afterwards, Brandon and I met Niki and Stephanie for dinner and A Mighty Wind. Funny as hell. I recommend it.

Seth is a bit sick, with some sort of cold/flu/sinus crap, so I had an excuse to buy about 6 kinds of ice cream on the way home. He needs the ice cream, and he needs a variety of it, dammit. Breyer's Chocolate Rainbow (I was intrigued by the idea of a RAINBOW of CHOCOLATE), Ben & Jerry's Mint & Chocolate Cookie (mint is soothing to the throat, you see), and Edy's Whole Fruit Raspberry Sorbet (this is the only one Seth actually asked me to pick up. Hee).

So, I'll probably need to walk closer to 20 miles a day to offset the ice cream shopping spree, but whatever. I gots a sick man at home, and I will sacrifice a few calories for his well-being. I'm a giver like that.

My plants did not die. Thank God it rained last night, because I sure as hell didn't remember to water them when I got home with my bags full of ice cream. I will plant them tonight, while dinner is cooking. I'm making Mexican meatball soup, which will kick a cold right in the ass.


So, I've been tinkering with the idea of doing something teaching-related. Sort of because I like teaching (it can be so rewarding, really), but mostly because I want summers off. That's so horrible, and that's probably how I got stuck with a few truly shitty teachers in high school. I decided it's not fair to kids to teach for those reasons, but I settled upon something I think I could really love--I can be a school librarian. I like library work, I love working in the Young Adult section of our library, and also, uh, summers off. Plus two weeks at Christmas and a week for Spring Break? Rock! Oh, introducing young people to literature and all that would be wonderful, but reclaiming Spring Break would really rule. This would take some additional schooling, but not that much. And I should probably finish up this effing thesis that I just keep pretending isn't there.

I probably sound like an ass. Sorry. But I will be an ass who only works 9 months a year. And I guarantee I would not half-ass those 9 months. I would be one ass-kicker of a librarian.

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