And the party doesn't stop

I skipped the gym last night. This wouldn't be so bad, except that I've been skipping the gym on lots of other nights, too. I thought I would be productive in other ways: I went to Home Depot and bought the last few scraps of flowers they had there, the ones that can take the abusive "full sun" that beats down on the patio of the Disco Duplex (petunias, portulaca, and something blue and furry that I always forget the name of), and went home with the intention of planting them. I got home, ate some cereal, and began reading a book. When I finished reading (uh, the whole book), it was 11:15. That's a little late for puttering around in our "garden"/bed of weeds, which is watched over by the foot-tall Big Lots plastic fairy that my grandmother inexplicably gave me two weeks ago. I felt bad putting it directly in the yard sale box, so I stuck it behind some tall weeds in the "flower bed," where it doesn't make me feel guilty, but it also doesn't stare at me with its huge Precious-Moments dead zombie eyes.

So, I figured, tonight I'll get back on the productivity train (if only I didn't have to come to work every day, I'd get so much more done). I would go to step class, then run straight home to plant the crap sitting out on the patio. Well, plans have changed again. Instead, I'll be going to step class and then to see A Mighty Wind with Seth, Brandon, and Stephanie. Whatever. If the plants lived through today, they'll make it until tomorrow, right? And I wonder why I kill every plant I touch.

See how exciting I am, with the exercise and the plastic fairies? If by exciting I mean depressingly boring and lazy? Bah. I am so un-motivated and un-productive. I am the opposite of everything inspiring. Ha. I did manage to mail some stuff that's been in my purse for about two weeks now. I'm a real go-getter.


Here is my favorite picture of the day, of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown in the holy land. Haw.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Whitney is there seeking inspiration for her next Christmas album, and she "spent her first day at their compound in the desert town of Dimona receiving massages, relaxing, and meeting with the Black Hebrews, who call each other saints." Okay then.


In other news, I am going to start running this week. I want to run a 5K race in October. I know that's not very far, but really, I don't think I could run right now if a rabid, hungry bear were chasing me. My aerobics buddy Brandon seems to think I have more endurance than I give myself credit for, but I'll show him! Just wait until he's carrying my bloated, flabby body back to my car after my knees snap into pieces and my lungs collapse. Anyway, this 5K race is to benefit the library, so I figured I'd give it a shot. What better time to humiliate yourself and show your total lack of athletic ability than when you're surrounded by coworkers?

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