Starchy McTaterson

I had a decent Memorial Day weekend.

Friday night, Seth and I saw The Matrix Reloaded. Eh. It was good, I guess. I think I actually liked X2 better. This could be because I wasn't expecting much from X2 and was pleasantly surprised, or it could be because of Hugh Jackman. Grrr.

Saturday, we went to a couple yard sales, got haircuts, and went to dinner with my super-tan friend Nicole, who is back from her 5-month stint in Orlando. All of my friends must apparently live in Orlando for a few months. Whatever. Dinner was followed by clips of "Jesco White: Dancing Outlaw", for old times' sake.

Sunday, Seth and I cleaned our house (sort of), ate Japanese food (yellowtail+avocado=yum), and played trivial pursuit. We are wild and crazy, you see.

Monday, we dropped by Seth's office and worked for just a little bit. Then, we goofed around until it was time for his brother and sister-in-law's cookout. It was fun, but I still feel like I'm carrying a ten-pound brick in my stomach. Bleh. Let me just tell you the menu: hot dogs (which I had a crazy hankering for, largely because of watching the Food Network's "Unwrapped" about them), hamburgers, and four hundred different kinds of starch. I was asked to bring potato salad, so I did. The other side dishes? Potato chips, hashbrown casserole, and pasta salad. I'm surprised we didn't have potato topping on our hamburgers. Add to this the fact that everyone thought it was weird that I ate a little stack of tomato slices (only set out as burger toppings). After eating, everyone was mystified as to why they felt so sluggish and tired. Um, because we just consumed seven metric tons of STARCH and FAT? No non-tater veggies to speak of. I am the weird one because I like vegetables and fruit (how can you not like fruit?). Okay. I still feel gross from the starch-a-thon.

We left the cookout rather early to go home and lapse into food-induced comas, but not before I dropped by my parents' house to see my sister's pictures from New York and Bermuda. Since she was staying at the Plaza, she brought me back a stuffed Weenie doll from the Eloise collection. Aww! Pug! She also gave me some rum swizzle mix from Outerbridge in Bermuda. Good kid, my sister.


I am kind of sad that my long, lazy weekend is over, but I'm also glad that I have a short week. Four days, not so bad.

To finish, I will continue with my list of random crap about myself!

61. I am obnoxiously trying to corral a group of friends for a Halloween trip to N'awlins!

62. Would you like to come, too?

63. I watched a little bit of the Murder, She Wrote marathon on A&E yesterday.

64. I love getting mail and cards, but I'm horrible about sending them to people.

65. I'm right-handed.

66. Left-handed people who act like they have some third eye or special talent annoy me.

67. My second toe is way longer than my big toe.

68. When I was in high school, my friend Kevski would tell my boyfriends that I had an extra toe, and that it grew out of the back of my foot, pteradactyl-style.

69. No, I really don't.

70. Thanks, Kevski.

71. I've (sadly) never been out of the country, except for my honeymoon to Aruba.

72. I can pick up things with my toes, like a monkey.

73. Why are so many of these about my feet?

74. I almost always wear red polish on my toenails.

75. I don't like colored polish on my fingernails.

76. I really don't like acrylic fingernails. At all.

77. I'll eat just about anything except for beets, organ meats, and licorice jelly beans. I am not picky.

78. I like swimming, but not so much in the ocean.

79. I am more annoyed by my cell phone than thankful for its convenience.

80. I have parasailed, but I've never bungee-jumped or been skydiving.

81. I went to five New Kids on the Block concerts between the ages of eleven and twelve.

82. Jordan.

I guess that's about all I've got for right now. Happy short week, everyone.

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