More crap about me. ME!

Carrying on:

41. Collective Soul sucks.

42. (I saw them last night. Hi, 1994 called and said you should write some new crapassed songs.)

43. I sneeze a LOT. So annoying. Just call me Sneezy McSinuses.

44. I've sung onstage at Carnegie Hall (with about 200 other people, but still)

45. I think Matt Lauer can be too patronizing to Katie Couric sometimes.

46. I am quite pale. Enough so that strangers feel the need to tell me how pale I am.

47. I've pretty much abandoned the hope of wearing shorts.

48. I've worked since I was 16. Some of the places I've worked:

49. Dress Barn! Ha. Seth loves to sing songs about the ol' DB to the tune of Spinal Tap's "Sex Farm". Try it; it's fun and quite easy. Anyway, I basically sat among the embroidered cardigans and skort sets and did my trig homework in high school. Easy-peasy, and I made a cool $4.75 an hour.

50. Chuck E. Cheese's. I was the "kid-check" girl--I would stamp your hand and your kid's hand, and make sure your stamps matched when you left. I quit one night because someone, um, stole my pager (?) from our break area. Cool, huh? This was just before the Dress Barn.

51. Victoria's Secret. For over two years in college. Okay job. One time, we had to learn a macarena-style dance to tell customers about the five different ways our convertible/strapless bra could be worn. One strap, two strap, cris-crossed, halter, and strapless!

52. Random other temp jobs, jewelry stores, a credit card factory, government offices and school-related stuff.

53. I dream about my teeth falling out all the time.

54. I talk in my sleep.

55. I played soccer in high school.

56. In two years, I scored one goal.

57. I have never colored my hair. I'm too chicken.

58. I was on the first-ever Pom-Pon squad/Dance Team at my high school, but I quit when they ordered spandex uniforms.

59. Thank God.

60. I've worn contacts since I was 12 and glasses since I was 10. I cain't see nuthin!

That's about it for now. Have a great holiday weekend. I will be cleaning my slovenly house, selling my old clothes, and working on the "thesis."

emiloo at 9:23 a.m.