Entry # 2 for today. Look at me, I'm a blathering fool.

So, remember my desktop fridge? No? That's okay. Anyway, soon after I got it--and had it all set up on my desk, looking cute--one of my bosses said something like, "Ooh, that's illegal." Illegal? Isn't that a bit extreme? I'm not making crystal meth inside it or anything. Anyway, it's against departmental rules or something. I asked her if she wanted me to take it home, to which she replied, "No. It doesn't bother me. I just want you be aware." Aware? Is someone following me? This all seems a bit dramatic for fridge policy talk.

Anyway, today everyone gets an email, forwarded from the library asshole administrator, reminding us of a bit of policy and procedure crap:

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The "Building Decor, New Main Library" is in the POLICY section of the Library Procedures Manual. Section 10 of the policy reads,

"Two staff lounges are available for staff to eat meals or otherwise consume food or beverages. Staff may also take advantage of the outdoor courtyard during breaks and lunchtime. Drinks are allowed in staff work areas that are not visible to the public, but not in areas or on surfaces where library materials are being handled. Beverages must not be placed near computers. Personal

appliances for heating, cooling, or otherwise preparing food or drink may not be placed in work areas. Administration may establish coffee stations in specified work areas. Light refreshments may be served in work areas on special occations."

What the fuck EVER. I will take my mothereffing refrigerator home. Good God. I don't know what the hell I will do with it at home, seeing as how I have a real refrigerator there, but whatever. Such nitpicky bullshit. I was not making fajitas over an open flame at my desk or anything.


I'm really not as annoyed as I seem about this. I actually found it to be quite amusing. It's just the end of a really long week, and I am so freaking ready for the long weekend (thank God for Memorial Day. Perhaps I will celebrate in memory of my refrigerator?).


Weekend plans include cleaning the Disco Duplex. I decided earlier this week that I would try this thing that some of my friends do: ironing all their shit at once, before they put it away. I usually iron something the morning I'm going to wear it (uh, if at all). So, I dragged lots of our newly-cleaned clothes into our living room and began ironing them. I ironed like, four shirts (whew! Aaaand I'm spent.) and left everything else all strewn about the living room, in tidy piles. It's all still there. So much for trying to iron ahead.

Aside from ironing, I will also be seeing some sort of movie. I would like to see A Mighty Wind or Down with Love. We will probably see the freaking Matrix or X2. Any of those would be fine with me, really. Movies = Not Work, which is cool. No one will send me passive-agressive emails about random goofiness at the movies.

Also (perhaps?) looking at houses?! Don't tell my husband yet; he doesn't know. Hee.

Happy Weekend!

emiloo at 3:22 p.m.