This morning was nice. The lovely mayapple stopped by the library today on her way out of town. We had coffee and pastries, and she paid! That makes me a rather crappy hostess, but she insisted, and I am not one to turn down a free chocolate croissant. No sir.

I gave her a tour of the ol' lieberry, and she thought it was quite cool. It really is. I might be able to find a job that paid a little better, but it wouldn't be in such an awesome place, and it almost certainly wouldn't have such nice people. Aw, hugs to my mediocre job.

Now I'm trying to decide whether to go to Dancin' in the District tonight. That's one of those free things I talked about in yesterday's entry. Well, it used to be cool because it used to be free, involved good music, and took place on the riverfront. This year, there's a three-dollar cover (plus five dollars to park, which I know isn't a ton, but still. I miss the free), it has been moved to the gigantic parking lot of the Titans' coliseum (parking lots are not fun and summery! Riverfront parks are), and the band tonight? Is Collective Soul. "Whoooooa! Gotta let your light shine down!" Meh.

However, the weather is mild (if a bit cold, but I prefer chilly to hot-as-hell and muggy any day) and I could enjoy pre-show beers with my friends. Also, I have a parking pass that would take care of that $5 fee, so $3 is not so bad. Decisions. Holy God, this is boring.

I am sorry. I will steal amblus's method for coming up with entry fodder, which she borrowed from magpiesnest. I will list random things about myself. Here are some:

1. I love to watch Jeopardy and play along.

2. I will kick your ass at Jeopardy.

3. Seriously, I will.

4. I know this makes me an obnoxious dork.

5. I don't care.

6. I love cucumbers.

7. And tomatoes.

8. Mmm-MMM!

9. I want a pug sooo badly.

10. I would name the pug Tater.

11. I will watch any old rerun of 90210, even the crappy Janet and Gina episodes.

12. Tracey was Brandon's most boring girlfriend, for sure.

13. In the 8th grade, I won the science fair and the spelling bee in the same day.

14. I was so embarrassed, I wanted to die.

15. My academic career has pretty much been downhill ever since.

16. I was voted "Best All Around" in high school.

17. I don't really know what that was about.

18. My husband was voted "Most Likely to Succeed."

19. He also played the trombone. Aw.

20. Wait; this is about me. Back to me:

21. Being the oldest kid sucks it.

22. Hard.

23. I'm thinking about being a teacher.

24. But I feel guilty because the reason I want to teach is because I'd be home by 3:00, have two weeks off at Christmas, and have the whole summer off. I wouldn't be all in it for the love of kids.

25. But I am good at teaching. I did it with college freshmen, and I kicked ass at it.

26. I am Virgo, but I am a bit of a slob.

27. Just a little bit.

28. I have horrible allergies, and I live in the worst area possible for allergies.

29. Sniffle.

30. I am slightly consumed with buying a house right now.

31. Would you like to give me some money for that house?

32. Fine, then.

33. I am lactose intolerant. So uncool.

34. I love to decorate cakes.

35. And cookies.

36. I also like to eat cakes and cookies.

37. Perhaps this is why I need to lose about 10 pounds?

38. I have awesome friends.

39. I will shamelessly listen to Billy Joel's greatest hits and sing every cheesy word.

40. But only in the car.

That's enough for right now. That was fun (for me, anyway. I'm not sure it fun for anyone to read about my nerdy, pudgy dorkiness).

Here is a picture of my Jessie Spano banner, which a couple people seemed to like:

emiloo at 2:06 p.m.