Rain Rain, Go Away

Agh! When is it going to stop raining? I don't live in Seattle. Or Kansas for that matter, yet we've gotten about 20 tornadoes in the last week. What the hell is that?

Everything is wet, muddy, or muggy. The rain has ceased for a few minutes outside, but you could literally swim through the godforsaken humidity outside. It's so gross, and it makes me look oily and frizzy.

My ceiling is leaking, somehow both upstairs and down. The water is trickling in through a beam in our living room ceiling, and through some track lighting in our bedroom/basement. Sounds cozy, right? Especially with the wet carpet from the water that seeped in from our flooded driveway. Mmm. And we can't even clean it/dry it/repair it. Know why? Because it WON'T STOP RAINING. Gah.


That's exciting, I know. In other news today, I have been updating my husband's résumé. I have decided he needs a new job. For a template, I'm using my most recent résumé, which I think looks quite snazzy (yet tasteful). I've just sort of been typing his information over mine, and the result is an amusing hybrid of his Industrial/Organizational Psychology practicum work, and my Victoria's Secret customer service background. Ha?


Sorry I have been hot and cold on the entries lately. If I had written the past couple days, it basically would have sounded something like "wah wah asshole father wah wah fat mess wah wah need to get back to the gym blah blah rain." Pretty good reading, no?


Next week, before I leave for Savannah (!), I'm working a booth at the dreaded Southern Women's Show. I guess I'll be passing out library card information or something. All I know is that Frank Bielec from Trading Spaces will be there. I'm telling you, I'll do anything to meet annoying, quasi-celebrities. No, I don't like Frank's "style," but I think he's cute and funny, so I'll probably watch his little demo and try to get a picture with him.

At these big, convention-center things like the Southern Women's Show, middle-aged women fight with each other over free squeeze bottles and samples of cheese and crackers. At least I'll be safe in my booth.

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