Has anyone ever told you you look like...

Do you ever get told you look like someone famous? I, apparently, look like anyone who is blonde and squinty-eyed. I've gotten Renee Zellweger a lot, and I guess that's okay. I do have big squirrel cheeks and a southern accent, after all. Patricia Arquette, Jewel (?), and Martie Maguire from the Dixie Chicks (these, I think, are because of my long face and slightly jacked-up, never-wore-my-retainer teeth).

My brother-in-law thinks I look like Liv Tyler. What? That's my favorite, though. I look as much like Liv Tyler as I do Archie Bunker, as anyone who has EVER SEEN ME BEFORE should be able to tell you. I am short, lumpy and blonde, not willowy, raven-haired and luminous. But, I'll take it. Maybe it's the lily-white, see-through skin? (which, by the way, is really fun in the summertime, and not embarrassing at all, especially here in Tanning Bed Land.)

My husband gets the funniest "You look like" comments, though. He wins. He has gotten:

Tim Robbins (I see this one)

Andy Richter (this one, too)

Um, Ethan Embry (but only from his mom). I see a resemblance in the eye-area.

And now, for my favorites!

Patrick Swayze! Nobody puts Baby in a corner!:

And Travis Tritt! Aahhahahahaaaa!

Travis Tritt?! That rules.

Also, my friend Kevin looks like Dylan McDermott, my friend Suzanne looks just like Snow White, my ex-manager Melaina looks dead-up like Emily Valentine (!), and I was soooo jealous of my friend Stephanie in jr. high, because she had a really good spiral perm, and everyone told her she looked just like Candice Cameron.

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