Show me that smile again

I just scored two free tickets to 42nd Street, which I think I would really enjoy. However, it's during my Pink Lady party on Saturday night. I wanted to take my mom, but now I'm having to strong-arm my dad into taking her.

He hates the musicals, my dad. One time, he and my mom went to see Phantom of the Opera and he nodded off. When he did the head-snapping-up/startled awakening thing, it was intermission. He thought it was time to leave? He also thought he had experienced a small heart attack during the second act. No fun at the theater, that man. Anyway, he has some editing of campaign materials that he wants me to do, and in return, I'm making him take my momma to the show! What a mess.

P.S. I promise my dad is not a stupid, redneck asshole. Not always, anyway. [Update: my father is, indeed, an asshole. Disregard my excuses for his behavior. Carry on.]


Yay! One more reason to not work on the thesis! I'm going to finally read Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier, thanks to amblus's book challenge. What a fun idea. Also, hello! I must prepare for the film's release, no?


The Country Music Marathon is this weekend. I have several friends who are running in it. What? How is everyone in such good shape? I consider myself to be in fairly good shape, but if I tried to run 26.2 miles (or even the half-marathon), my knees would shatter, my lungs would collapse, and I would give up and go sit along the sides of the course, drinking beer, talking to myself, and laughing at my flabby, weak ass. Anyway, good luck to Brandon, Brian and Kyle. I hope the enjoyment and achievement you feel is worth our whole damned downtown being shut off for a day. The crapassed "concerts" sure won't be. Ha! The Belmont Church Praise team will be singing at one of the mile markers. If that doesn't make you want to run the hell away...


Uh, that's about all I've got for today. Not much has happened to me worth mentioning. Except, how funny is this? Show me that smile again, indeed! Also, Vaughn playing hockey? Rrowr.

Aw, I guess it's crappy of me to call that funny because I am terrified of teeth-related trauma. luxolive's fear of snakes? I'm that scared of tooth-stuff. Except snakes can hurt you? Teeth can't, unless they're attached to something. Like a snake, perhaps? Anyway, I'm constantly having those dreams where my teeth fall out. Sometimes they're knocked out, sometimes they sort of shatter, sometimes I fall down a flight of stairs and find them lying in a little toothy pile beside me. This has resulted in my obsessing over my teeth whenever I walk down a steep flight of steps ("What if I knock my teeth out?!?!"). I know this is stupid, or I had come to terms with the fact it was stupid, but then I read poor, sweet Melissa's diary entry, and it spawned a whole new series of tooth-related nightmares.

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