"I'm wearing both contacts on the same eye!"

Oh holy Lord above, there really is going to be a Beverly Hills, 90210 reunion! Kick! Ass! My friends and I are already planning our viewing party. I hope I don't have to rearrange our anniversary trip for this, but don't think I won't. Seriously, I wouldn't cancel our trip. But I would watch from the hotel room and make Seth be very, very quiet.

Ah, it's so sad how truly excited I am about this. The news of the reunion has truly made my morning, if not my week. Don't think I don't know how pathetic that is. But, Donna Martin Graduates! I like champagne! Skeletons in the closet! Losing my religion! David's "music career"! Brandon's hair shelf! Megaburgers! Andrea's car crash! Jim Walsh's tank top! I could go on and on.

Sadly, bug-eyed Tori Spelling won't be in the reunion show. But crooked-eyed Shannen Doherty will! Bliss. Also, why is Brian Austin Green not signed up for the show? What the hell else does he have to do? (My friend Kevin did want me to know what Chad Allen has been up to, though. Remember when Staci Keanan had to choose between him and Giovanni Ribisi at Klawicky's?)

Also missing from the lineup (so far, but I bet some of them will cave) are Ian Ziering (so?) and Tiffani Theissen. At least Tiffani has a TV show as an excuse. Really now, does Steve Sanders think he's past all that now? Is he beyond the Peach Pit?


I know I've posted this before, but you're only hurting yourself if you don't read Sarah's 90210 funniness .

Aww, a pillow, 'cause Brandon's so dreamy:

And, hee! Also, nice tie:

Finally: what?

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