Sweater Sets = UnCool.

So, um, when did I become so old and frumpy? I know my supposed old-ness has reared its head in several of my recent entries, and I want to point out that I don't necessarily think I am aged or elderly or whatever. I am just, all of a sudden, tragically unhip.

Today I am wearing a sweater set. Well, okay, that's fine, but I wore a different sweater set on Tuesday. I can try to explain this away by saying that it's warm outside, it's cold in my office, and I need to layer to stay comfortable, but the fact remains that I have twin-sets in black, white, yellow, pink, amethyst, and navy. Good God, even I didn't realize how bad it was until I listed all the colors. Oh, and light blue. Help. Let me also confess, while I'm at it, that Tuesday's sweater set was worn with loafers, for the love of Pete. I need to go shopping.

It's not as if I don't understand what's fashionable; I just can't/won't wear most of it to a library. I would stick out too much among women in denim jumpers with rhinestone kitty-cat pins, or other ladies in, uh, sweater sets. Aww.

Once or twice a week, I'll try to wear something moderately cute, meaning something someone under the age of 47 would wear. When I do, all of my coworkers act like I'm . . . Chloe Sevigny? (Ack, I don't even know the proper person to use in my simile, because I'm OLD and NOT HIP). Anyway, if I wear pointy shoes? "How can you walk in those?" "Where are your toes?" "I got nerve damage from wearing shoes like that in the eighties." Well, yay! If I wear a skirt with the little inverted pleat? "Don't you look kicky today!" "Ooh, let's see what Emily's got on today!"

It's so confusing, really. I'm in this weird bizarro world, in which I am sadly the most fashionable person in the department, yet I really look like I should be driving a Dodge Caravan to a Pampered Chef party. Again, help.

A lot of my problem comes from the fact that I am totally body-conscious and don't want anyone looking at me, ever. Ever. And, in a building that's often full of less-than-savory patrons, this is especially true. Hence, cardigans, long skirts, hair in a ponytail.

I have cute things. I buy them in hopes that I will wear them to go "out." Sadly, I don't really go "out."

Why am I whining? I don't know. I am annoying myself, even. I am tempted to skip the gym tonight and buy something new to wear to the husband's rock show. Apologies to all for the whiny ramble. Maybe something will happen tonight worth writing about.

Hey, Sarah from Tomato Nation has some astute fashion commentary .

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