In My Easter Bonnet

Because all of you have been waiting for it, here is a little something to bring you closer to the thrill that was Mule Day 2003--a slideshow, courtesy of the Tennessean newspaper.

Here's a little preview. It appears to be a man on a wagon pulled by miniature mules. Next to him is a snowman (or muppet?), dressed in his Sunday best. I don't think the evil, tiny snowman in sunglasses has mule ears; I think those are from the mule behind him. I don't know.

Please note all the American flags and yellow ribbons. The mules (and the scary little snowmen) support our troops! God bless the USA! (Hey, there's a song you can bet was played at some point during Mule Day.) Doesn't that make you want to come to Tennessee?


So, tomorrow night, my husband's band is playing. Late. Eh. I'm sure it will be a good show, but I am so old, and I'm still tired from Saturday night (and it's Wednesday now). I told you, I'm a little old lady.

This weekend, his band is recording. Maybe even on Easter Sunday. This will not prevent me from making the deviled-egg chicks, I assure you. I've been waiting for weeks to do that. Seriously. I would also make a big, scary bunny-head coconut cake, like my mom used to, but no one ever ate it then, so I'm guessing they wouldn't now. I love making food in the shape of goofy-assed stuff. I made my friend Stephanie a jelly-roll cake in the shape of a diploma when she graduated from college (dude, the "ribbon" was Fruit by the Foot!). What does that say about me? Probably something sad.


My Easter plans include going to church (unless my husband is still recording; then I'm off the hook! Off the hook as in excused, not as in "off tha hook!"/in da club/whatever), eating at the in-laws', asking my niece questions about the Easter bunny, eating some of niece's candy (especially if she gets some Cadbury Mini-Eggs!), eating dinner at my parents' house. Lots of ham and deviled eggs. I'm okay with that, really.


A diploma cake, like the one I made for Stephanie, except I really think mine looked better and less-smushy. I am a dork.

emiloo at 12:15 p.m.