Big-Ass Chairs and Library Freaks

A picture of me and my friends in the big-ass rocking chair at Cock of the Walk, in case you had any remaining doubts about how klassy we are, and how fine an establishment we visited last night:

That's Kevin, front and center. He's the one who's moving away to go to "computer school," as we like to call it. That's me, dorkily peeking out from behind his head (in the blue turtleneck, because it's all of a sudden freaking winter again here). To my left is my husband, Seth, and to my right is my friend Jennifer. To Kevin's left is Stephanie (O'Funny), and to his right is Niki (I did her makeup that time?). Aw. Was that the worst, most random order possible to name everyone? I think it was.

Anyway, we had a fun time last night. I decorated our little table with dorky "Good Luck" confetti, and I made these horrible, goofy signs in Publisher, that said things like "Kevin S. is a shooting star!" (picture of shooting star) and "Kevin S. Graduates! Or NONE of us do."

After we had eaten lots of catfish and other various and sundry fried things, we went to Jillian's and played games. With our combined 240 tickets, I managed to get my niece a Blues Clues bracelet. Ha.

We will miss Kevin, even though he thinks he's the "Cousin Oliver" of our group, just showing up for random stuff every now and then. I told him he was more of a Brandon Walsh, who left when Jason Priestly decided to "produce," but would do things like kindly send a videotape of himself when Donna and David got married.


Let's talk about the random characters that come up into my library. I work in a public library, not an academic one, and most of our "regular" clientele are homeless people who just need a place to hang out and get out of the weather. Many of them are actually quite well-read, some of them probably better-read than I. One of our "regulars" has a fairly well-known blog/website that he maintains from our library. We don't mind these folks. They bother no one.

However, not all of our patrons spend their time as resourcefully. We have one guy who comes in and prints off pictures of trucks from the internet. Hundreds and hundreds of pictures of trucks. All. Day. Long.

Another patron (we're not quite sure who, but we have a couple guesses) is stealing the spiral spines from all of our spiral-bound cookbooks. What the hell can you even do with those, unless you're making your own cookbooks? Of course, we have lots of folks who just want to look at porn all day. All day.

At 9:00, when we open the doors, about 75 of the regulars push their way in, and some of them run up the two triple-flights of stairs to get to the public computers and settle into their spot for the day. Trucks, cookbooks, and porn. Oh my.


P.S. I have a guestbook now. Sign it so I don't feel like a tool.

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