Mule Day 2003 in tha hizzouse

I'm not sure how much time I'll have to blather on today, because I'm leaving at lunch to see my friends' brand new baby! Jackson (which I think is kind of a trendy name, but that's kind of bitchy of me, so whatever) was born this morning. I don't know anything else about him because this information was filtered through the baby's father and then through my husband, and they really don't care about any of that length-weight-eye color whatever. All I know is I'm taking a long lunch.


We had an okay weekend. Friday was movie-watching time. We watched The Ring. Yes, it was scary. Watching creepy-ass kids makes me scared to procreate. Saturday, we had our eagerly-awaited game night. Most importantly, we went to Mule Day in Columbia, TN. Yes, really.

I don't know why. We were reading the paper on Saturday morning, and Seth looked up at me and said "Mule Day is today." I said "Oh" (what the hell else would I say?) and continued to read. Several minutes later, my husband says, "Today is Mule Day," to which I responded "What the hell?" and we were off to Columbia, TN.

We had never before been to the long-standing tradition that is Mule Day, so we didn't quite know what to expect. We missed the downtown parade, but we did get there in time to see the mule judging. I don't know.

Best thing we heard all day: People seemed to spend about 75% of their time at Mule Day trying to figure out where the rest of their friends/family are. Everyone was on cell phones and those godawful walkie-talkie/talkabout things, shouting out random directions. Seth's and my favorite: "I'm over here by the homemade porkskins stand! Well, which one? You know there's two of 'em!" Well, of course, there are two homemade porkskin stands! Could one really handle all the traffic? I think not. And no, Seth and I did not sample the wares of either stand.

We did eat a lot, though. We had some ribs, we shared a barbecue sandwich, and we split a funnel cake! Ahh, festival garbage food. We would have had some kettle corn, too, but we ran out of cash (FYI: $5 cover for Mule Day, in case you decide to go. Also, they stamped hands to allow people to come and go. Guess what the stamp was? It was a library date-due stamp! This, for some reason, was highly amusing to me).

All in all, we had a fun time. Mules are neat (?), and we saw a lot of dogs with hats and bandanas on, which is always good. Of course, we did see a lot of freaky people with all manner of mullets and camoflauge clothing, but we expected no less from Mule Day.


Now then:

And also, I wanted to link to a picture of a shirt that said, "I showed my ass at Mule Day 2002," but the server of the site was down. boo.

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