I'm Crazy Bike Man!

I went to step class last night. We had a substitute teacher. He did a good job, but I was a little bit distracted by his resemblance to Graham Lubbock of Just the Ten of Us fame.

Afterwards, Brandon and I watched American Idol (watching Military Josh squint and "dance" his way through Kool and the Gang was just painful). Then, we went down the street to Rio Bravo for drinks on the patio.

It was a nice night for patio dining, except that Rio Bravo's patio is all up on West End Avenue, so the cars are practically brushing your shoulders as they whiz by. Speaking of whizzing by, some old, grizzled dude on a bike kept riding by and shouting random stuff to the Rio Bravo patrons. The one time I could understand him, he said something like, "You motherfuckers! Your fucking competition is eating your lives away and you dont even KNOW it!" Okay.

I don't know if he was just bothered by the materialism of all the Vandy kids sitting around us, eating chips and salsa and drinking mediocre $8 margaritas or what. I do know that I toyed with the idea of jumping up and shouting, "Take me with you, crazy bike man! You've got it all figured out!" Brandon seemed to think this was a good idea, but I wimped out. Mostly I was worried about the large box that crazy bike man was balancing on his handlebars, and whether it contained something dangerous (or stinky).


Tonight is Seth's grandfather's 75th bithday, so we're going to his house to have dinner with him. If I were him, I think I'd rather have dinner somewhere than my own boring house to celebrate my 75th birthday, but whatever.

Update: Seth's grandfather has dumped this "lady friend" whom his parents were trying to marry him off to. Seth's parents seem angry about this. I don't understand? Should you marry some crazy lady because your kids want you to? I would think your kids would maybe want you to be happy?


Dude, they're having a Big-Ass Sale at J. Crew.

And also, Free M&Ms !!

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