How cool is this?

Aaaaand yawn. I've already finished my 3 hours of work for the week. What now?

Seth and I are going to Atlanta this weekend. That should be fun. I like road trips with the husband. We have some comedy CDs to listen to on the way down there, and we've made plans to eat at the Varsity (mmm, grease!) before we leave town. We are dorks. Oh! Ack! Does Atlanta have Sephora? They must! (I just looked online, and they have two Sephora stores. Well, la-dee-da. Why don't we have one, dammit? Anyway, I'm sure I can waste a little money there.)


I'm hungry. Maybe because I ate my lunch at 10:45 this morning? Perhaps.

What a boring day? What shall we discuss? Um, it's cold in my office. Did I mention I'm hungry? Also, I'm going to Atlanta? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~``

Update! I was just in the bakery downstairs (shut up!), and I heard that the freaking Food Network is going to be there on Monday! More precisely, Rachael Ray will be there. I guess she's doing her $40 a Day show in ol' Music City, USA? Word. I'm such a fame whore, especially for random celebrities from the Food Network. Not for any crapassed "country" stars in town, though. Yawn. But, Rachael Ray! Yeah, she gets on my nerves a little bit with her "garbage bowl" and inverted-question-exclaimation things ("How cool is that?"), but yay! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So, I guess that's the only thing exciting that's happened all day? At least it's Thursday. Tomorrow I'm coming to work at 7:30 in the mothereffing morning, so that I can leave at 3 and only use one hour of vacation time. We don't want to get in any crazy traffic on the way to the big city, you know? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


-Cardio Fusion (sweat and misery, but with good music!)

-Packing for our little weekend trip

-"Are You Hot?" Yes, I'm serious. And no, I'm not hot.

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