The Big-Girl Doctor

I got to go the doctor this morning. The doctor you least enjoy going to visit? Fun times, and made even funner by the fact that I had to wait for about an hour with a family that can only be described by comparing them to Cletus and his clan from The Simpsons. Well, at least that's over for another year.

Since I had that appointment this morning, I didn't get to work until noon, so I thought the day would just breeze by. It hasn't. Not that I've been working my ass off or anything. I've been looking at houses online, looking for jobs for various friends and family members, reading others' diaries, whatever. I'm just bored.

I haven't been to the gym yet this week. Bad Emily. I'm going tonight, but Brandon won't be there. Boo. Tongiht's class is called "Body Blast." It's basically the same as "Total Body Sculpt" and "Core & More." I think they just use different background music? Anyway, tonight's (I think--maybe it's "Cardio Fusion") tape includes "No Parking on the Dance Floor," which rocks.

Not much else has happened today. I am still (pointlessly, it seems) obsessed with buying a house. I'll get over that, I guess. I wish I could become obsessed with saving money instead; that way, we might actually be able to buy a house one day. But that's not as fun as looking at houses and imagining where my furniture would go.


My friend Jennifer got offered a job today! I'm really excited for her because she's been job-hunting for quite a while, and this crapassed economy has not made things easy. She will work at a bank, which is good, and the bank will give her benefits, which is really good. Congrats, Jennifer!


Seth and I are going to Atlanta this weekend, or sort of all around Atlanta, but not really in it? We're visiting his aunt and uncle just south of Atlanta; then, hopefully, we'll visit my old roommate just north of Atlanta. Somewhere in there, we're also visiting some huge flea market.


Things that are good right now:

-the weather. It's freaking perfect outside right now, and the weekend is supposed to be the same. Seventy degrees, no humidity, sunny. Ahhh.

-money. We're not rolling in cash by any means, but we're doing okay, and I'm thankful for that.

-Seth. Awww. I think we're pretty lucky, and I think anyone would agree with that.

Things I'm feeling whiny about:

-I want a dog really badly. I'm not going to get one though, because I don't really have the time and attention to give to him right now.

-Um, did I mention that I want a house?

-my ever-growing ass. I want to be all in-shape for spring, but I just realized that, hello, it's spring now, and I'm not in shape.

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