I don't just WASTE money

Worst. Morning. Ever.

None of my pants fit right, I spilled coffee everywhere, I couldn't find my workout clothes, my sister has most of my work clothes (the ones that would fit me on a "fat pants" day), wah wah wah. I guess that's not actually the worst morning ever, just a pissy morning all around. Wah.


So, Cris Judd won the "I'm a Celebrity" thing. I guess that's good? I was really gunning for ol' Stuttering John. Maybe because I'm a stutterer myself sometimes, but mostly because he was really funny and not as self-centered and overdramatic as some of the other "celebrities." Yes, I am spending too much time thinking about this ridiculous show.


Update: I like the Terax Crema, I guess. It does help with the static. I feel like an ass for spending $20 on it, though. It should make me grow a new head of glamorous, shimmering, Lady-freaking-Godiva hair for $20. Thumbs-up to the NARS Orgasm blush, though, despite the ridiculous name. I thought it might be too sparkly, but it's quite nice.


God bless eBay. I've gotten rid of a TON o'crap on there and made a few hundred bucks. I've also wasted some money on goofy purchases, but nevermind that. People will give you money for your old crap! More than you'd get at a yard sale! Some examples of crap I've sold on ebay:

-Old Tranquil Breezes lotion from Victoria's Secret ($26!)

-Some Harry Potter mugs (My mom got me FIVE of the same mug? I did keep one, mom. Really!)

-Some old pickups from Seth's bass.

-A Chilton's repair manual for a 1986 Toyota Celica.

-A rhinestone "E" bracelet. What?


Some clothing websites I like:

Anthropologie--cute clothes and home accessories!

A little expensive for my budget, but fun to look

Seriously, you can find great deals on clothes on ebay. And you can sell your old crap!

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