Humps and Ashes

Wednesday! Hump day! I hate the phrase "hump day," but whatever. It just sounds gross. Anyway, the point is it's the middle of the godforsaken week, and it's almost the weekend. It's also Ash Wednesday, if you're into that.

I myself was raised HAP, or half-assed Presbyterian. We didn't observe Lent or anything. When I was 12 or 13, my parents took my younger sisters and me to Mardi Gras (the tamer parades, though. We're not a family of freaks or anything). We actually got to dress up and ride on a float. We were dressed as seahorses, in shiny tunics and sequinned sea-horse heads.

Anyway, the day after Fat Tuesday, we were eating at some nasty Old Country Buffet in New Orleans, and we kept seeing all these people with ashes on their foreheads. Only we didn't know they were ashes. My sisters and I decided they were creepy, New Orleans voodoo tattoos or something. When we found out what they were, we felt really smart. Hey, there are not a lot of Catholics in Nashville. The ones that do live here usually send their kids to one of the Catholic schools, so my sisters and I didn't know any of them. I guess that's no excuse for being kind of stupid, though.


I'm still trying to be responsible about the gym thing. Last night I took a "Total Body Sculpt" class. I liked it, probably because there was very little cardio. Boo on cardio, I say. I did do a very brisk 1-mile walk afterwards, to get in a little aerobic exercise, though.

Bruce Freaking Jenner left last night on "I'm a Celebrity." He got on my every nerve, seriously. I think I want John Melendez to win. I realize how sad it is that I care who wins. At least I didn't vote for someone on "Are You Hot?" like my friend Brandon did. :)


My order from Sephora arrived yesterday. Whee! Nothing makes me happier than a package (hee, "package") addressed to me, especially one full of girly fun. I got Terax Crema, because I finally had to see what all the damn fuss was about. I used it this morning. You know what? It's conditioner. Maybe I have to use it for a few days to be truly stunned by it, or maybe I would appreciate it more if I had started with more effed-up hair in the first place. I also got NARS blush in "orgasm." InStyle magazine told me this was the best blush for fair skin. I like it, but it didn't magically transform me into a glowing fairy-nymph or anything. I just look blushy. Or I did, this morning when I put it on. But, the coolest thing is, since I ordered that stuff from Sephora, I got samples. Samples! I am a total freak for free samples. I got some Stila convertible color in "peony," which is cool, a vial of the new Versace fragrance, and a teensy, precious tube of some moisturizer I've never heard of. Whee!

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