I'm a what?

So, apparently, I am destined to be a secretary. This, despite a B.A. in English and most of a Master's degree. I don't know what about me makes people look at me and proclaim, "This gal could make some damn good copies!"

The job I have right now, I generally like. Usually. However, I feel like I was somewhat tricked? Tricked may be too strong a word... Misled, maybe? Anyway, the job is that of a Library Associate. Since my (almost) Master's is in English, and not Library Science, it is apparently useless in library world. I can't be librarian because I don't have the right Master's degree. Okay, fine. The people who work here at my library (which is a public library, not an academic one) who don't have the MLS are library associates. LAs generally do the same work, helping the public and all that jazz, but they aren't "professionals." We're "para-professionals." What? That title makes me feel so special and respected. Like "half-ass professionals."

Anyway, all the other LAs teach computer classes, staff the public desks, whatever. I do that too, but I am also the assistant to the department manager. What's wrong with that? Nothing, except no one told me that until after I was hired? "Meet Emily, she's Bob's new assistant." I am? Okay. Except, what? Basically, I am the department secretary, and I didn't find that out until after I took the job. Bah.

I guess everyone feels overqualified for his or her job at some point, but come on. I guess one thing that bugs me the most is that I'm viewed as a secretary who occasionally does library work, instead of vice versa. The other employees seem to think I'm only capable of making their schedules and crap like that. "Oh, Emily does such a good job with the schedule. Look at the fun clip art she put on it for President's Day!" Like I'm in third grade or something.


Isn't that exciting to hear me bitch about my job? I am very grateful to have a job in this crapass economy, really. I don't want to sound unappreciative.

Well, back to making copies and proofreading crap.

emiloo at 10:04 a.m.