A Step Class by any other name...

So! CardioFusion sucks it big time. I was quite sweaty after it was all over. Also, the wimpy men in the class took all the five-pound weights, so I had to use eight-pounders. I use 8lb. weights for just lifting, but if I'm bouncing all over hell and jumping on a step and trying to understand what a "T-step" and a "hip-hop" are, I really need smaller weights. Also, my gym offers Step Aerobics. Okay, but it also offers other classes with different names, which always seem to be about 60% step aerobics. Is this normal? Are they a little too into the step?

After the exercising, my friend Brandon and I went to Calypso Cafe, which has the best cheap food ever. I got barbecued chicken breast, Cuban black beans, and spiced sweet potatoes with coconut. Ahhhh. I still have some of it left for my lunch today, and I am totally excited about it. Really.

I was just going to go back to Brandon's to change clothes, but I got sucked into watching, um, "Are You Hot?" I am not proud of this, but I'm not really ashamed of it, either. Of course, after that came "I'm a Celebrity...", so I had to watch it, too. Aw, whiny-ass Alana Stewart got booted. I actually did get a little misty-eyed when she cried at that tape of her daughter and ugly puppy. That I am ashamed of.

emiloo at 11:18 a.m.